Maqraa Services

Maqraa Regime (Curriculum)

Islam academy's Maqraa aims to help its associates to memorize and correct their Quran recitation. To achieve the desired result, we expect you to follow the Maqraa's regime as follows:


1- Students commit to attend and participate in the assigned time. Please, note that the student who misses five days a month, the system will automatically eliminate his account. The system will automatically send a warning message on the first two absence days, another warning will be sent after four days, then eliminates the account on the fifth day. The reason is that the admission increases rapidly, and the number of students on waiting lists exceeds the number of accepted students.


2- The student who joins a virtual class room and do not participate will be calculated as an absent student.


3- We expect those who choose the memorization plan not to use his Mushaf. If he is not able to memorize, we advise to join the reading (correction) plan.


4- When a student is allowed to participate, we expect him to give the tutor the academic number and directly start his memorizing or reading so that the tutor can take participants as much as possible.


5- We expect students to accurately fill in their information data while registration, as delivering awards and prizes will be based on the recorded information. Please, note that aliases will not be accepted.


6- A student is committed to attend six days a week and to provide an excuse to the tutor if unable to attend.

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