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Joining a virtual class room

How to join a virtual class room
To join a virtual class room, the student should follow the following instruction:
- Your computer must include java [click to download].
- Your computer must include Blackboard launcher [click to download].

After logging into your account:
1- The student should move to the virtual class rooms block [only during the assigned time] and click on the session url.
2- The browser will move to the Blackboard collaborate website.
3- The student should enter his/her first name and his/her academic number, then press [log In]
4- If you are visiting the blackboard website for the first time from your browser you will see a message asking you to download blackboard launcher.
- If you have already installed blackboard launcher, choose "launch blackboard now".
5- A tiny file ".collab" [10 kb] will be downloaded.
6- Choose to open the file with blackboard collaborate launcher.
7- You may see a message asks you to select the connection, choose your connection type and press "ok"
8- Another message may appear (java launch), press "run"
9- The student may wait about two minutes till the session starts.
10- The student should press on [raise your hand button] to reserve a turn.
11- You should test your audio by pressing the audio button in the upper area of the room.
12- When the tutor permits you to start, you should press on the mic button.
13- After finishing your turn press the mic again to let the mic and press raise your hand button again to let your hand down.
14- Now you have the right to leave the room or to become a listener.

In conclusion;
This document was prepared for the sake of students' educational system of Electronic Maqraa. It is pleasure to receive your ideas and comments via Maqraa Helpdesk or Maqraa Board.

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